„Master of stone, he was always called. He formed the lifeless material with stone power and stone will, and breathed his message in it. His sculptures are symbols of battle and peace, togetherness and separation, fertility and sacrifice, but always with the eternal victory of mankind. In his art he unifies power and spirit with infinite simplicity and intensity. It is always the strength the sun that he lets us see, not the shades. His sculptures, being small or five metres tall, are pithy symbols of human existence human emotions and spirit. All his art has a strong musical resonance that is sometimes soft and moving, sometimes extremely strong, yet always enchanting. His sculptures recall within me Béla Bartók’s music: not a trace of striving to be popular, nothing that is dissonant, they only bear, like ancient totems, the sublime meaning and the crystal clear spring.” /Fausto Maria Franchi, sculptor, Rome, 2012/
(Published in the book entitled „Mémoires d’Artistes 2003-2014”, edited by Société des Artistes Indépendants, Paris, 2014. The book was reprinted in 2015.)